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Dec 11, 2017

Hello! I know this has been a long time coming. Apologies: I have been busy writing jokes about Bob Katter.

This is part one of an interview I recorded live at the inaugural Yack Festival at Giant Dwarf a few weeks ago. 

Stan Grant is a journalist, author and presenter who has worked all over the world for the likes of CNN, Sky News, SBS World News, NITV, the Guardian and the ABC. He is a Wiradjuri man who writes and speaks about race, racism and history in Australia, most recently in his Quarterly Essay released last year, The Australian Dream. He has just become the ABC's Chief Asia Correspondent and will host a nightly discussion show on ABC News next year. 

This is a wide-ranging conversation about everything from the Taliban to North Korea to constitutional recognition to white guilt to history and victimhood. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to pick Stan's brain. Big thanks to the Giant Dwarf and Yack for having us and to all the Sydney friends who came along. 

Due to Tonightly (my cool TV show that you can watch every bloody night of the week!), I won't be able to bring you another podcast for a little while I'm afraid. But hey, there's a back catalogue of 121 episodes for you to enjoy at your leisure. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Check out #Tonightly please! 


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Quarterly Essay - The Australian Dream: Blood, History and Becoming by Stan Grant

It is a 'damaging myth' that Captain Cook discovered Australia by Stan Grant

Cause of the Week: The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (


Oct 5, 2017

Geoffrey Winters is a native title lawyer who ran against Tanya Plibersek as the Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Sydney in the 2016 election. He's a Gamillaroi man who's openly gay and who regularly appears on ABC's The Drum.

This is a frank discussion, featuring me trying to get my head around where Geoffrey is coming from as an Indigenous queer man who's also a conservative. From the marriage equality survey to being in a party alongside people he disagrees with with to being "pragmatic" to what conservatism can offer first nations peoples to what (if anything) would make him consider leaving the Liberals.

I got a lot out of this conversation and Geoffrey was mighty patient with me. I hope you like it. 


Donate to the National Compassion Fund to help victims of the Las Vegas shooting


Gay Indigenous Liberal candidate is more than just a wedge

Article: He's gay, Indigenous and 27, but Geoffrey Winters says he's the model of a modern Liberal

Young & Black: an SBS documentary  

Cause of the Week: Libs & Nats Say Yes (


Sep 26, 2017

Alex Greenwich is an independent MP in the NSW parliament and the National Convenor of Australian Marriage Equality. He's been campaigning for equal marriage for 10 years now and kindly gave me some of his time to reflect on how the postal survey is going, from the incidence of violence to the notion of "respectful" debate to what will happen if the No side is successful (an annoyingly real possibility).


Find a "Yes" calling party in your area

My piece in the Warrnambool Standard asking my home town to Vote Yes

Equal Love Rally this Sunday Oct 1st at 1pm, State Library Melbourne 


Jeff Sparrow's piece on the campaign: Rainbows not media storms

Sean Kelly's piece on the campaign: This is not a horse race

Cause of the Week: Get the YES ad back on air


Sep 14, 2017

Owen Jones is an activist (first) and celebrated writer (second). He's the author of bestselling books Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class and The Establishment And How They Get Away With It, is a regular Guardian columnist and has a cracking YouTube channel. He's a major Leftist voice in UK politics and quite frankly, I was pretty stoked when he agreed to give me some of his time.

Here we talk about democratic socialism, what Corbyn's political rise means for that cause, the dangers of centrism and the basics of Brexit. We also touch on what defines the "working class", being friends with Tories and Owen's cat. 

My latest appearance on The Bugle with Andy Zaltzman & Nish Kumar

My appearance on Kyran Wheatley & Rhys Nicholson's podcast Save The Date

Australia Says Yes Comedy Gala at the Athenaeum Theatre on Thursday September 21st


Owen's writing for The Guardian

Agitpod - Owen's podcast with Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Owen's piece on centrists attacking Labour moderates 

Owen's piece reflecting on being wrong about Corbyn

Cause of the Week: The Advocacy Academy (


Sep 5, 2017

Acclaimed comedian and all-round nice guy Ahir Shah was just nominated for the big award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for his passionate, insightful and hilarious show Control. It's a brilliant treatise on the fallout of Brexit and Trump and humankind's inability to learn from its past mistakes. 

Here Ahir tells me about how the racist debate surrounding Brexit affected him personally, why he couldn't vote for Jeremy Corbyn in this year's election, the "economic anxiety" argument used to explain demonstrations of racism, being friends with conservatives and punching Nazis. 

Problematic is at the Soho Theatre until this Saturday September 9th

Listen to my live episode of The Bugle with Al Murray

Unity: A Benefit Show for Australian Marriage Equality 


An interview with Ahir on Control

Article: One of Labour's new rising stars talks class, Westminster and the enemy 

Cause of the Week: British Red Cross South Asian Flood Appeal


Aug 17, 2017

Geoff Norcott is a rare thing indeed: an (openly) right-wing comedian. His recent stand up shows have explored his working class background and his conservative politics and they've been mighty funny. 

This was a fascinating discussion about Goeff's thoughts on capitalism, right-wing politics in comedy, Brexit, immigration, outrage, Corbyn, Brixton and personal responsibility. 

Problematic is on at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 now! 8:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

Problematic is coming to London's Soho Theatre, starts August 29th

Help deported "Sanjay" start again


Right Leaning But Well Meaning is at #EdFringe now

BBC Two's The Mash Report

Cause of the Week: Medicins Sans Frontieres (


Aug 9, 2017

What better week to talk about Australia and marriage equality lolololol

Sally Rugg is an out and proud campaign director at GetUp! calling for queer rights. She's been leading the marriage equality campaign for a while now (it regularly makes her "wake up tearing her hair out") and this week the movement has seen another ridiculous setback. 

This chat was recorded a few weeks ago but I think it's a really important insight into where we're at in Australia with the marriage equality debate and the underlying issues around it. From the ACL to the stupidity of the plebiscite to what it all says about our politics, Sally is frank and passionate about this cause and makes it very clear that she won't be stopping until this discrimination is removed from the Marriage Act. 

Problematic is on at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 now! 8:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

Problematic is coming to London's Soho Theatre, starts August 29th

Transcripts of Trump's phone call with Turnbull

My video for Junkee on the "deaths at sea" argument


Opinion: We are angry and heartbroken at the prospect of a plebiscite campaign but we are more powerful than ever

Opinion: The campaign against Safe Schools was never about concern for kids

Article: Australians have 15 days to enrol to vote in postal plebiscite

Opinion: Prejudice and Violence Are Learned, And In 2016 They Poured Down From The Top 

Article: The rules against malicious campaign material will not apply to same-sex marriage postal vote

A profile on Peter and Bon

Article: The fight after marriage equality

Opinion: Abbott's obstruction of gay marriage is a defence of privilege and the power of shame by David Marr

Cause of the Week: Twenty10 (


Aug 1, 2017

Mark Di Stefano is the outgoing political editor at BuzzFeed Australia

This is a frank chat where we both air our grievances about the shitty state of Australian politics, media and debate at the moment. From the cosy relationship between the press and the political class, the plethora of pundits who never get their comeuppance for being wrong to the good ol' fashioned outrage industry. 

Also Mark explains what the Milkshake Duck is. I am old and uncool. 

Problematic is on at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 now! 8:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

Problematic is coming to London's Soho Theatre, starts August 29th


What A Time To Be Alive: That and Other Lies of the 2016 Campaign by Mark Di Stefano

Australia's News Channel and What It Learned From Fox News by Mark

Cause of the Week: Copwatch (


Jul 25, 2017

Caroline Marcus is the "Political Reporter for the People" for Sky News and an opinion columnist for The Daily Telegraph.

Caroline joined me live onstage at the Giant Dwarf theatre in Redfern in front of a lively crowd on Wednesday July 12th. We touch on the media landscape, bias, identity politics and her experience reporting on the Australian detention centres on Nauru for A Current Affair. Our disagreement occasionally got heated, but I really appreciated the chance to explore this stuff with Caroline in detail. 

A huge thank you to the Giant Dwarf for having us.

You can hear the first episode recorded on the night with Tanya Plibersek here

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017, starts August 2nd

Problematic is coming to London's Soho Theatre, starts August 29th


Article: If you disagree with me, you're a racist 

Article: Why are activists so afraid of the truth about Nauru?

A Current Affair: Inside Nauru's Detention Centre

My episodes on cultural appropriation with Gay AlcornYassmin Abdel-Magied 

Cause of the Week: Lifeline (


Jul 18, 2017

Tanya Plibersek has been the Member for Sydney since 1998. She's the Deputy Leader of the ALP and Shadow Minister for Education and for Women. 

Tanya joined me live onstage at the Giant Dwarf theatre in Redfern in front of a lively crowd on Wednesday July 12th. We touched on the ideological rift bubbling up in the Coalition at the moment, gender equality, Mark Latham, education funding and Labor's refugee policies.

A huge thank you to Tanya for making the time (particularly as she was battling a cold on the night), everyone for coming out to see the show and to the Giant Dwarf for having us. 

The second conversation with journalist Caroline Marcus will be next week's episode. 

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017, starts August 2nd


Labor's Setting The Agenda

Video of the Sydney Setting The Agenda event

Article: Gonski money is making a difference. Let's not play the Liberals' tired old blame game by Tanya Plibersek

Article: Gonski 2.0: Is this the school funding plan we have been looking for? Finally, yes by Peter Goss

Cause of the Week: Oxfam's East Africa Appeal


Jul 11, 2017

Jeff Sparrow is a writer, broadcaster and activist. He's a former member of the International Socialist Organisation and was one of the founding members of the Socialist Alternative. 

I've been wanting to talk to Jeff for a long time and really appreciate this chance to ask him about radical politics, Marxism, class, oppression, the widespread rejection of centrism and the matter of taking one's politics "seriously". 

Come see Like I'm A Six-Year-Old LIVE in Sydney with Tanya Plibersek and Caroline Marcus TONIGHT!

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Chapo Trap House podcast


Jeff's writing for Guardian Australia

Profile in The Saturday Paper

Article: Raising Melbourne's Red Flag

How Paul Robeson found political voice in Welsh Valleys 

No Way But This: In Search of Paul Robeson by Jeff Sparrow

Political Theory: Marxism from The School of Life

Cause of the Week: Triple R (


Jul 4, 2017

This week I'm bringing some highlights from a panel I chaired last week for Amnesty International Australia entitled Defending Human Rights In A Time Of Heightened Populism

The panel included refugee rights advocates Andre Dao and Aran Mylvaganam, Indigenous lawyer Meena Singh and businesswoman and social activist Hana AssafiriClaire Mallinson, the National Director of Amnesty Australia, was also on the panel, but unfortunately due to audio issues I haven't been able to include her here. 

I thought this was a really enlightening discussion on the way that populist politics affects our conception of human rights and plays into public debate. We reflected on what does and doesn't work for human rights advocacy in the face of populism, the death of facts and reason, persuasive storytelling and the impact of the Murdoch media on this conversation. 

Please bear with the audio: I guarantee you it's worth it. 

Come see Like I'm A Six-Year-Old LIVE in Sydney with Tanya Plibersek and Caroline Marcus on Wednesday July 12th

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017

My appearance on The Bugle podcast with Tiff Stevenson


Cause of the Week: Amnesty International Australia (


Jun 27, 2017

Samantha Ratnam is a social worker and Greens politician who's currently serving as the Deputy Mayor of Moreland City Council. She's previously served as Mayor in Moreland and in 2016 ran as the Greens candidate for the federal seat of Wills, losing out to Labor MP Peter Khalil.

This is a great insight into local politics and why Sam's passionate about it, particularly its ability to inspire change by example. We also cover the situation in Sri Lanka and how that's informed Sam's attitude towards conflict and multiculturalism, how Australia's approach to race feels like it's going backwards and the future of the Australian Greens.  

Come see Like I'm A Six-Year-Old LIVE in Sydney with Tanya Plibersek and Caroline Marcus on Wednesday July 12th

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Check out Filthy Rich & Homeless on SBS 


Samantha's Greens profile

Article: The Mental Trauma We're Inflicting On Asylum Seekers Is Entirely Preventable by Samantha Ratnam

Article: Taking A Stand, a profile on Samantha 

Article: Meet the Mayor of Moreland

Article: Greens candidate pulls out of anti-racism protest over violence fears

Cause of the Week: The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (, 


Jun 20, 2017

Julian Burnside AO QC is a barrister and refugee advocate who has acted in some of the highest profile legal cases in Australian history, from the cash for comment inquiry to the waterfront dispute to the Tampa affair.

For the past 16 years Julian has tirelessly spoken out about Australia's cruel immigration policies and has acted pro bono for refugees and people seeking asylum. He received the 2014 Sydney Peace Prize for "his brave and principled advocacy for human rights and for those wronged by government [and] for insisting that we respect our international legal obligations toward those seeking asylum".

I got to go to Julian's (freaking amazing) house and talk to him at length about the state of refugee rights in Australia today, why he's never run for office himself, how the MUA case changed the way he looked at governments, the arts, justice and evil.  

Comedy For Good - A Benefit for Refugee Legal is happening tomorrow night in Melbourne

Come see Like I'm A Six-Year-Old LIVE in Sydney with Tanya Plibersek and Caroline Marcus on Wednesday July 12th

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017

It's Refugee Week!


Cathy Wilcox's Not Drowning

Julian's TedX Talk: What is fair and what is just?

Julian's speech upon receiving the Sydney Peace Prize

Article: True Leaders - Julian Burnside, barrister and refugee advocate 

Julian's writing for Guardian Australia

Julian's piece for The Conversation: What sort of country are we?

Article: How you can offer your home to a refugee

Cause of the Week: The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (


Jun 14, 2017

Shireen Morris is the Constitutional Reform Advisor at Noel Pearson's Cape York Institute.

In the wake of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum and the Uluru Statement From The Heart, Shireen runs me through the history of constitutional recognition, what it means and how it might work moving forward. We cover symbolism, the political reaction to the Statement, what an Aboriginal Voice might look like, treaty and the tension between Indigenous land rights and environmental considerations.

I learnt a whole lot here because Shireen is fully heaps smart.

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Comedy For Good at Howler on Thursday June 22nd, raising $$ for Refugee Legal  

My appearance on Stuart Goldsmith's podcast The Comedian's Comedian

Season 2 of First Contact is back up on SBS On Demand


Shireen on Facebook

Shireen sparring with Andrew Bolt on the ABC's Yes or No? 

Article: No Australian should feel like a stranger in their own country

Article: A job half done by Noel Pearson

RightWrongs: the ABC's site on the 1967 Referendum

Uluru proposals deserve better than a knee-jerk reaction by Fred Chaney

Explainer: All the questions you were too afraid to ask about Indigenous constitutional recognition

Article: Why New Zealand's Maori got a treaty and Australia's Indigenous peoples didn't

Cause of the Week: 1 Voice Uluru (


May 30, 2017

Jack Latimore is a Goori man of the Birpai nation. He's a journalist and researcher who covers indigenous affairs, media, culture and politics and his work has appeared in The Guardian, Indigenous X, Koori Mail, The Citizen, medium, SBS and Overland.

In the past week we've marked Sorry Day and the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum and witnessed 300 Indigenous leaders gather in Uluru for a summit on what constitutional recognition for Australia's First Peoples might look like. Here I ask Jack what he made of the summit's Statement from the Heart, how recognition and/or treaty could work and media representations of Indigenous peoples, from First Contact to Stan Grant to Bill Leak's cartoons. 

Listen To Love is on Audible

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017

SAVE THE DATE: June 22nd for a charity gig for Refugee Legal at Howler Bar in Melbourne 



Jack's writing for The Guardian

Article: Noel Pearson's model for recognition wins support

Article: Five factors that will shape the outcome for Recognise at Uluru 

Article: Indigenous Leaders Call For A Treaty In The Landmark "Uluru Statement From The Heart"

Article: Uluru forum to pursue Makaratta instead of symbolic recognition  

Jack's piece on First Contact  

Jack's piece on the ABC's Recognition: Yes Or No

Jack's piece on Bill Leak's cartoon

Nyunggai Warren Mundine's piece on Bill Leak's cartoon

This week's Q&A: 1967 and Mabo - Moving Forward

John Newfong on wikipedia

Cause of the Week: Indigenous X (, Seed Mob ( & Koorie Youth Council (


May 23, 2017

John Safran is one of the most interesting writers/comedians/filmmakers/broadcasters/provocateurs/social commentators Australia has ever produced. He’s fascinated by issues surrounding religion and race and the Illuminati and he’s very funny when exploring them.

John’s latest book, Depends What You Mean By Extremist, sees him hanging out with far right extremists like the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia, Islamic fundamentalists and far left anarchists. It’s brilliant, challenging and very relevant to the INTENSE political moment we’re living through. Here John and I talk about patriotism, extremism, Australia’s reluctance to accept radicalism in any form and geese and ganders.

Please help out Refugee Legal because Peter Dutton is being awful again

Listen To Love is on Audible

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017


Depends What You Mean By Extremist is out now

Article: John Safran - 'In Australia we don't get religion' 

Cause of the Week: The Make A Wish Foundation (


May 16, 2017

One of the biggest and best comedians in Australia, Wil Anderson is super funny, super smart and super nice. Wil is a world-renowned stand up, the host of the ABC hit Gruen, former host of weekly satire show The Glass House and serial podcaster. He's been thinking and telling jokes about the news for a long time and he's pretty bloody good at it.  

This chat covers a lot of ground, from Wil's thoughts on the size of government to the state of journalism and the ABC to his approach to political comedy. We also eat some cheese and laugh about Mark Latham.

Today is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia  

Gay and Bi men are being persecuted in Chechnya - you can help:

Sign this Amnesty petition

Sign this AllOut petition

Buy William Elm's song "One"; all proceeds going to the Russia LGBT Network

Find out more in this New York Times article


My episode with Chris Berg

Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent

My chat with Wil on his show Wilosophy 

You Can't Ask That

Article: Is The World A Laughing Matter? One Night Stan Comics on Why Comedy Has A Vital Role


Cause of the week: UNHCR (, support independent media please


May 9, 2017

Sara Saleh is a self-identifying "radical" poet and human rights activist. She works in refugee resettlement, is a GetUp! board member, co-founded the Dubai Poetry Slam and has worked with organisations like Amnesty International and WestWORDS. 

At a time of heightened Islamophobic debate raging in the public sphere in Australia, Sara and I talk about what it's like to have your faith and community constantly being scrutinised and demonised by politicians and commentators. From the plight of Yassmin Abdel-Magied to Palestine to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the intersection of Islam and feminism, this is a really enlightening discussion about uncomfortable things. 

Problematic is coming to the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Pleasance Courtyard


Wasting The Milk In Summer on Facebook

Article: Australia's grand mufti wins defamation case over News Corp articles

Sara and Maajid Nawaz on ABC's The Drum 

Article: Why are fighting Islamophobia at the expense of Indigenous Australians? by Sara Saleh

Article: How did Maajid Nawaz end up on a list of 'Anti-Muslim Extremists'? 

Article: "You are not our ally" - Video campaigned launched as Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels Australian tour

Article: Getup! Director backs Israeli boycott

Article: Fighting Hislam: Susan Carland on what it means to be a Muslim feminist 

Cause of the Week: GetUp! (


May 2, 2017

Chris Berg is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs and a Postdoctoral Fellow at RMIT. He's passionate about civil liberties, defending freedom, shrinking the size of government and general libertarian good times.

Here Chris and I cover a lot: "ideology" not being a dirty word, the pitfalls of politics, the role of the State, prosecuting radical ideas, human flourishing, adapting to (rather than taxing) climate change, the Nanny State, partying in Amsterdam, why the Commonwealth Games are a rort and what he admires in the Left.  

Problematic is on at the Sydney Comedy Festival this week for 4 shows only 

Problematic is coming to the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Pleasance Courtyard 

Listen to Alice Fraser and me on The Bugle live at the Melbourne Comedy Festival

Sam Wallman's piece on the minimum wage


Chris' writing on ABC's The Drum

Chris' writing on The IPA

Be Like Gough: 75 Radical Ideas To Transform Australia

25 More Ideas For Tony Abbott

Chris' speech at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas on the "Nanny State"

The Libertarian Alternative published by MUP

Cause of the Week: The Human Capital Project (


Apr 26, 2017

This guy is a gun. At just 22 years old, Tim Lo Surdo has advised federal senators and worked at everywhere from the Oaktree Foundation to the Australian Youth Climate Change Coalition to UN Youth to the United Voice union.

He's now set up an advocacy group called Democracy in Colour: an advocacy group dedicated to combating racism in Australian politics. It's a fascinating project, and here Tim outlines his personal experiences of racism, the realities of racism and the politics of fear in Australia today, the Left's failures to combat such racism and how white allies can help (in the right way).   

Problematic is coming to Sydney for 4 shows only at the Sydney Comedy Festival

And it's now on sale for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017


Article: This Young Australian Is Starting An Organisation To Fight Pauline Hanson And Cory Bernardi by Osman Faruqi

Cause of the Week: Democracy In Colour (on Facebook@democracycolour)


Apr 18, 2017

100 episodes, everyone! We bloody made it. Gosh. 

Thanks so much for getting onboard with this little show. I love doing it and hope you get something out of each episode. I've learnt so much talking to all the guests on the show over the past two years and hope to keep doing it for as along as I can. 

I can think of no better way to celebrate the century than with a live show at The Wheeler Centre with the national director of GetUp!Paul Oosting

In this chat, recorded in front of a "sold-out crowd" (it was free, but still - pretty cool) as part of the Centre's Invasion of the Pod People series on Monday March 27th, Paul and I discuss what GetUp! is all about and how things are looking for progressives in this country at the moment. From the far-right's influence on the government to 18C to campaign finance reform to the crucial difference between viewing the electorate as "disenfranchised" as opposed to "disengaged", this is a really interesting and relevant discussion for now. 

PLUS we brainstorm about how to stop Dutton getting elected. 

A big thanks to Paul for flying down from Sydney just for the show and Helen and everyone at The Wheeler Centre for their help in making this happen. 

Here's to 100 more! 

There are just 7 shows left of Problematic at MICF 2017, including an extra show on Saturday April 22nd

Problematic is coming to Sydney for 4 shows only at the Sydney Comedy Festival

I'm doing one show only of Boundless Plains To Share this Saturday April 22nd at 5pm

I was in the 2017 MICF Great Debate: watch it on iView here

Here's my spot at the MICF Allstars Gala

My special The World Keeps Happening is streaming on Stan Australia now


Article: Here's the race hate scare campaign to Liberal marginal electorates

Article: The Left's foreign donors by Eric Abetz

Article: GetUp! army spurs for conservative foil

Cause of the Week: GetUp! (


Apr 4, 2017

James Paterson has been a Victorian senator for the Liberal Party for just over a year now. He's been making a name for himself as a passionate advocate for freedom of speech in regards to the reforming of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and by proposing that Australia help deal with its debt problem by selling off Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles

Here the Senator and I talk about our first meeting years ago, his position as something of a political anomaly within his own family, why he's so strident on 18C, racism, offshore detention and corporate tax cuts. 

Stand Up For Mehdi at MICF 2017 - only a handful of tickets left! 

Problematic begins at MICF 2017 this week

Boundless Plains To Share is at MICF for one show only on Saturday April 22nd

My piece for The Guardian: Politically incorrect comedy can work - if the audience gets it 

My piece for The Saturday Paper: Satire, free speech and Mehdi Savari


Article: The Senate blocks the government's changes to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act  

Article: Even among Australians worried about political correctness 18C is not a big issue 

Article: A history of Section 18C and the Racial Discrimination Act 

Article: 18C Debate is not over say both Liberal Senator and Labor MP


Senator Paterson's first speech

Senator Paterson's speech on 18C

Article: What is Section 18C and why do some politicians want it changed 

Article: An inconvenient truth gets in the way of the company tax cut chants

Joint Human Rights Committee report into Freedom of Speech in Australia

Article: Doctors freed to speak about Australia's detention regime after U-Turn 

Article: 'Voodoo economics' lie at the heart of Scott Morrison's budget

Article: There is no such thing as trickle-down economics 

Article: 10 reasons why the company tax cut is a really bad idea 

Article: Australia doesn't need to chase Donald Trump on corporate tax cuts

Article: Company profits surge as wages fall


Cause of the Week: Soldier On (


Mar 28, 2017

Daniel Webb is the Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre. He is a passionate voice for human rights and for treating people seeking asylum with dignity and humanity.

In this chat Daniel is so crystal clear about why he does what he does, why what we're doing to refugees is wrong, the alternatives that are out there for us and why it's vital that we as a country need to rethink our entire approach here. He also describes what it's actually like for the men being held on Manus Island at the moment and in particular tells me about Mehdi Savari, an Iranian refugee comedian who has been detained on that hellhole for more than three years. 

Stand Up For Mehdi at MICF 2017 - this will sell out, book your tickets now!

Problematic begins at MICF 2017 this week

Boundless Plains To Share is at MICF for one show only on Saturday April 22nd



The US refugee deal grows shakier by the day. Turnbull must find a humane way forward by Daniel Webb

Schoolgirl pleads with government to reunite her with refugee dad on Manus

Mehdi's story on New Matilda, in The Saturday Paper

Cause of the Week: The Human Rights Law Centre (


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